Harrogate’s is basically the misfit sister bar of Suttree’s. It is an arcade that serves really great beer in a funky atmosphere, and connects to Suttree’s by a sliding door. Featuring games like Galaga, Skee Ball, plenty of pinball, and darts, Harrogate’s Lounge is just an awesome place to hang out. Tommy’s pinball wizard presides over our one of a kind light up pinball bar. Game on!



Did you know there are 255 levels to Galaga? Shoot ‘em up, score points by killing off bee like insects, and become enthralled. There is something about this game that just wont let you go. Perhaps it has something to do with the vector monitor, or maybe these little bees are really aliens sending hypnotizing, subliminal messages to their players.


Pinball was illegal in most major cities for about 30 years between the 1940’s-70’s, making them a symbol of rebellion for the counter culture youth of the 70’s. NYC was to pinball machines what Fahrenheit 451 was to books. Hard to believe, right? Most modern pinball machines follow some kind of story line, and you can earn higher scores by completing the game in different ways. Just try not to get yourself drained though.


This is two on two basketball with virtually no violations, and serious in your face swagger. Mark Turmell, the head game designer was an avid Detroit Piston’s fan at the time of NBA Jam release on arcade. Have you ever wondered why at the end of a game between the Bulls and the Piston’s, the Bull’s can’t seem to hit a shot? Think about it…


Check the Urban Dictionary definition some time when you’re looking for a good laugh and some eye opening knowledge. This game is an arcade classic and we couldn’t open without it. Roll a palm sized wooden ball up an inclined 13 foot ally, into a shoot, and score the high score. Everyone has a different technique. Some people swear upon banking shots, others right up the center for the fidy. Pick your own poison.


Guess what? There are no rules in Foosball! In fact, it’s debatable who even invented the game. It was patented in the U.S. by Oregonian Louis P. Thornton in 1927. The objective is to get a goal using little men floating on rotating sticks. People once won Porche’s playing tournament games in the states. Now “Foosers” just drink good beer and play the game at Harrogate’s. Check Knoxville FoosVOL’s Facebook page for the latest on all things foosball happening around town!


Did you know early dart boards were made out of wood? To fill the holes that were made by the darts, pub owners would soak these wooden boards nightly in water to expand the wood. Darts were also once used as weapons of war. These sharp missiles are fierce, but here, thank goodness are only a source of friendly fire!


We host rad private parties and events too!


Suttree's High Gravity Tavern is a neighborhood bar in downtown Knoxville, TN specializing in a excellent selection of regular and high gravity craft beers and fine spirits. Oh yeah, we have ramen and an arcade too.


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