Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern is the brainchild of husband and wife Matt Pacetti and Anne Ford. The idea for Suttree’s Tavern began right next door to the tavern, at Downtown Wine and Spirits. Not only had Suttree’s owner Matt Pacetti worked on Gay Street for a long time, but as a lifelong Knoxville resident, he had a sense for what Downtown Knoxville needed and wanted. Good beer, rare beer, small batched beer, rumored beer, and high gravity beer. It was something brewing around Knoxville, but no one was committed yet. With the help of investors in 2012 Suttree’s jumped on the scene as the only craft beer bar in Knoxville with a focus on high gravity craft beer. The mantra remains authentic, but the bar has grown wiser through the years, with stories and laughter from neighbors and strangers alike. What is in a name? And so it is, beer and stories.





Owner, manager, amateur pinball repair hack, and first among equals at Team Sutt’s. South Knox native. Avid home cook. Practitioner of yoga. Favorite ride: Kona Lava Dome. Leader of a reggae band. Really into Prince. Don’t expect long answers. Entropy is a physical law of the universe. Vigilance.


Anne is an artist turned entrepreneur. She loves blue, and paint, and patterns, and loves them all together when they are used in a way that’s special. Otherwise the special gets lost. Her dogs and family are her world and she’d do anything for them all, and love every minute of it.


George is a nerd. When he’s not behind the bar or fixing a pinball machine, he offers his services as a BJCP Certified Beer Judge at homebrew and Pro-Am competitions anywhere from San Francisco to Johnson City. Have a question about beer? Pull up a seat, because it might take awhile.


Tori has traveled the world, lived in South Korea, and New York City, but Knoxville is home. She loves the mountains, and hiking, and in the warmer months stretching out on a hammock with a good book followed by a nap. Her creative wheels are always turning and when the need grabs her, she makes things out of metal.


Whiskey, sports, and people; in that order. Sometimes sports before whiskey, but never people before either. Rick is sweet as pie, but just being honest here. Fresh fruits and veggies are a strength of his too, and when spring rolls around he’ll be continuing to try his hand at gardening in raised beds growing peppers for amazing salsa.


Ian is a total animal lover and owner of a roughly twenty pound cat. He’ll try to fix anything before having someone else do it for him. And, aside from that he is a total rock, classic rock, punk rock junkie with a heart of gold who will always help a friend in need.


Any chance Kyle gets, he’s on the golf course, and believe it or not one of his favorite golfing buddies is his mom. He’s a UT alum so of course a UT fan, and a fantastic at any kind of sports trivia. Originally from New Orleans, so he has a party in his blood, loves people, being around people, and enjoying life.


Suttree's High Gravity Tavern is a neighborhood bar in downtown Knoxville, TN specializing in a excellent selection of regular and high gravity craft beers and fine spirits. Oh yeah, we have ramen and an arcade too.


Monday / 3PM–1AM
Tuesday / 3PM–1AM
Wednesday / 3PM–1AM
Thursday / 3PM–1AM
Friday / 3PM–2AM
Saturday / 3PM–2AM
Sunday / 5PM–12AM

Kitchen Hours:
Monday - Saturday / 5PM-11:30PM
Sunday / 5PM-10PM


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